Airbnb welcome booklet example: properly structure its content

A well-designed Airbnb welcome booklet greatly enhances the guest experience.

6 Feb 2023

Short-term rental owners and concierge services know that the level of a property’s quality is not solely measured by its cleanliness or amenities. Hospitality also plays a key role in determining the quality of a host. This begins with choosing a good Airbnb guestbook template, which is a powerful communication tool where travelers can find all the necessary information to ensure a smooth stay. Additionally, discovering an unfamiliar place can generate certain apprehensions and numerous questions. Reassuring and guiding your guests from the moment they book is the goal of this small guide. Here’s how to make it effective.

1. Choose a blanket that throws away

A beautiful presentation page is ideal for immediately proving to travelers their excellent choice. Don’t hesitate to show your state of mind and the atmosphere of your rental through:

    • A title. Welcome them to your accommodation, it’s a good start.
    • A nice photo. Highlight your interior or the surroundings of your property, to make them want to check out the rest of the document.


    Adding the mention “house manual” can also make them understand that they will be guided throughout their stay at your place.

    💡 Tip: In your welcome booklet, you can accentuate the wow effect even more by displaying a video upon arrival on your welcome booklet.

    2. Personnaliser le modèle de livret d’accueil Airbnb avec un petit mot de bienvenue

    Cet espace vous permet de vous présenter et de faire un petit historique de votre bien. Ainsi, vous humanisez la relation avec vos locataires. Ils sont, en principe, toujours ravis d’en connaître un peu plus sur les gens chez qui ils sont. Cela apporte un côté sympathique qui éveillera davantage leur intérêt pour votre demeure. Cette petite touche personnelle participe de l’ambiance conviviale que vous souhaitez, à n’en pas douter, faire ressortir.

    Via son livret digital, Yaago vous permet la création d’un petit mot de bienvenue individualisé pour chaque réservation. Il est visible dès la page d’accueil de l’espace voyageur.

    💡 Astuce : Si vous savez que vos futurs voyageurs viennent pour un évènement spécial (mariage, anniversaire) ajoutez un petit mot personnalisé pour les surprendre et rendre leur expérience unique.

    3. Create a listing with all the important information

    “What is the wifi code?” Almost every newcomer will ask you.”

    This page, which can be consulted at the beginning of the booklet, should include all the information necessary for the comfort and safety of the residents, for example:

    • The famous Wi-Fi code.
    • Emergency numbers (firefighters, police).
    • Contact information for any questions during their stay.
    • The phone number of the nearest doctor.
    • Contact information for any service providers (garden, pool).

    Anticipating their every question and making their stay with you always simpler and more enjoyable, that is the purpose of this page.

    💡 Tip: For sharing the Wifi Code but also other important information, we allow you to generate a QR Code for each guide in your booklet. Thus, access is even faster!

    4. Make the booklet easier to read with the summary

    Easily and quickly obtaining the information they are looking for will prevent your tenants from panicking and making unnecessary calls to you. A clear and accessible table of contents indicates a well-structured publication. Each section should be sufficiently descriptive to avoid getting lost in multiple chapters before finding the right information.

    Yaago offers you the possibility to customize the homepage of the guest space to integrate the most important and essential information for the arrival and stay of travelers.

    Don’t hesitate to watch this video introducing Yaago’s digital welcome booklet.

    5. Inform travelers about arrival and departure conditions


    Set a time slot. This can be discussed in case of early or late arrival. Provide key delivery conditions:  

    • In person.
    • Autonomously via a key box or a smart lock (a pin code can be generated on the Yaago welcome booklet).
    • Explain the parking rules:  
    • Private. Provide, if applicable, a space number and/or how to access it.
    • Public. Specify the closest ones as well as their free or paid status.


    Likewise, list the modalities:


    • Time limit.
    • Process. Free departure or meeting with someone beforehand.
    • Inventory check or not.
    • Complete cleaning or only emptying of trash and fridge.
    • Return of the security deposit (possibility on Yaago to create a direct link in the traveler’s space in case of deposit management system).
    • Return of keys.

    6. Provide as much information about housing as possible

    They include, for example:


    • The use of all equipment (indoor and outdoor) in the house.Remember to include all user manuals for appliances, alarm systems, or intercoms.You can also provide visitors with personalized tutorial videos on the Yaago digital welcome booklet.
    • The waste management policy in your neighborhood (collection days, sorting bins, etc.).
    • All the practical details that will only improve the daily life of travelers (reversing hot and cold for a faucet, lifting the handle of a door to lock it, etc.).

    7. Remember the rules to respect

    This is your home, so don’t be afraid to impose your rules. You have the right to ask tenants to respect them, without being authoritarian. Communication can prevent misunderstandings, simply explain your expectations regarding:


    • Parties, events, and noise nuisances (to be avoided as the neighborhood is calm, etc.).
    • Smoking. (Only outside?)
    • Welcoming or not welcoming pets and to what extent.
    • If applicable, sharing common areas (residence with a swimming pool, for example).

    8. Offer good addresses in the surrounding area

    It is highly appreciated by vacationers to know about all the shops and services nearby. All information about local tourism (activities, places to visit) is also good to have. Maybe you could even reach out to local restaurants and ask them to offer a discount to visitors from you, why not?

    One of the advantages of Yaago is to offer an interactive map on which only the listed points of interest that you have referenced in your Good Addresses will appear. This map also shows the routes to take to get there. All of this, even from a smartphone.

    Establishing a perfect Airbnb welcome booklet template holds no secrets for you. Want to move up a gear by offering a unique experience to your travelers? Create your Yaago welcome booklet in minutes.

    6 Feb 2023

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