How to master the operations of your homes as a concierge

How to master the operations of your homes as a concierge

How to master the operations of your homes as a concierge

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It is no longer necessary to prove it, owners wishing to make their real estate investments profitable by offering them for short-term rental have every interest in calling on rental management professionals to achieve this. It is still necessary that these experts (concierges, agencies) are able to offer a service corresponding to the expectations of their customers. That’s where technology comes in!

Among the services provided, a well-established organization must be at the center of the concerns of vacation rental managers. Optimizing the management of tasks in the concierge service by setting up a well-defined process and automating them wisely, will certainly save time and therefore significant growth in a sector with strong competition and always booming. Here is an overview of the points to highlight regarding the daily logistics of housing and collaboration with its teams or subcontractors.

1. Manage different household types according to the period and characteristics of the dwelling

gérer les tâches en conciergerie

Promising travelers to enjoy their stay in a consistently impeccable place is one of the most important things to consider as a concierge service. To ensure receiving more positive feedback on the cleanliness of the premises, it is important to carefully consider the procedure to be put in place to make maintenance as efficient and smooth as possible. First, plan for adequate staff based on the size of the spaces to be cleaned. One person can take care of several studios in a day, while a whole team may be needed to clean and prepare a luxury property with a garden and pool. To organize this effectively, it is advisable to implement several tools.

Maintaining short-term rental properties requires more than just a quick wipe-down.                           

That’s why it’s necessary to clearly outline the essential tasks to be performed between two periods of occupancy. These tasks can, of course, be adjusted based on the specificities of each property, but it is important to always adhere to a certain number of non-negotiables, such as (non-exhaustive list):

  • Vacuuming.
  • Dusting furniture.
  • Cleaning floors and all surfaces.
  • Disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Checking and cleaning all appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc.).
  • Replacing consumables.
  • Washing sheets and other linens.


Implementing a checklist

By implementing such a process, concierge services can ensure that they don’t forget anything when it comes to tasks to be done and checked for each rental property. In this way, the cleaning staff only need to follow this logistical route which may include, for example:

  • The number of properties to be cleaned and the time slots during which to intervene based on departures and arrivals. There may be periods of intermediate cleaning or more in-depth cleaning during low season.
  • Checking for any damage or other deterioration possibly caused by certain occupants.
  • Assigning specific roles or tasks to each staff member.

    There are obviously many other tips and best practices for Airbnb cleaning. 


    💡 Tip: It is with the need to implement these business processes in mind that at Yaago, we have developed powerful task management features. Such as customized checklists for each property and type of task, for example.


    2. Manage guest arrivals and departures

    To hope to receive even more enthusiastic comments from tenants and thus develop their client base, concierge services have every interest in implementing a proper check-in and check-out procedure.

    As soon as tenants have made their choice, they should immediately feel taken care of. Their traveler experience begins as soon as the reservation is confirmed:

    • A small note to thank them for choosing this property is generally very effective.
    • Sending a list of all important things to know to prepare for their arrival (itinerary, schedule, contact person on site for any questions, etc.).
    • Providing an ultra-complete and personalized welcome booklet. Here is, in fact, a model of an Airbnb welcome booklet to draw inspiration from.
    • Explaining the process for accessing the property easily in case of self-check-in (for example, using a connected lock or key box).



    During their stay and until their departure, it is essential that tenants have easy and quick access to all the information they need to feel comfortable and relaxed about life in the property and the surrounding area. In short, they need to feel at ease and enjoy their visit to the fullest. Once again, with a well-organized process and thoughtful automation of procedures, managers of seasonal rental properties will be able to stand out and offer quality properties.

    💡 Tip: Yaago stands by those who wish to develop their business through software dedicated to concierge services. This traveler journey can be fully automated thanks to our automatic messages.

    3. Collecting information from teams in the field, another good way to improve the management of tasks in concierge

    Good communication with different stakeholders in short-term rentals is essential to ensure that they are always impeccable and can perfectly meet the visitors’ expectations. Allowing a housekeeper or maintenance worker to provide immediate feedback on the condition of a property before, during, or after tenants’ stay is an excellent way to quickly identify any necessary repairs or cleaning.

    Sending real-time comments, photos, or videos of any issues encountered can lead to quick decision-making on the actions needed to remedy them (e.g., cleaning, repairs, appliance malfunctions, etc.). This approach also enables the on-site staff to ensure that they have properly completed their tasks and meet the concierge’s expectations.


    Yaago, via its application, offers a system dedicated to exchanges with teams, to the implementation of adjustable schedules in real time according to the authorizations of each. Proof once again that they have thought of everything to improve the management of tasks in concierge service.

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    Yaago : The property management software

    Yaago : The property management software

    Yaago : The property management software

    Tailor-made support with concierge software or how to revolutionize the experience of its travelers by optimizing the operational management of its activity. Become a more serene manager with Yaago!

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    Yaago is a French platform that aims to revolutionize the seasonal rental market through ultra-performing digital tools. The goal of these tools? To help all short-term rental professionals, whether it be seasonal rental agencies or concierge services, improve their customer relations and rental process for increased productivity, time savings, and greater comfort.

    Yaago is the perfect complement to any PMS / Channel Manager (compatible with Yaago), and if your concierge service is a partner of the Airbnb Luckey program, you can synchronize and manage all of your operational activities from a control center using our application (and benefit from a special discount). Our concierge software covers all the daily needs of a manager. We detail below all the advantages of dedicated software for seasonal rentals.


    1. Create your interactive digital welcome booklet

    Automate and personalize your welcome booklet

    One of the first things to think about after renting a property is to ensure that travelers have all the necessary information for a smooth stay, to avoid repetitive and time-consuming questions. Extremely easy to use, Yaago allows the creation of a personalized welcome booklet (for each stay), in which you can share all the information related to the rental of your accommodations. You can then choose with whom to share this information. On this booklet, you can include, among other things:

    • Digital guides (geolocation, photos, videos of presentation and/or 3D tour, documents, descriptions, …);
    • House rules and manuals;
    • Your recommendations and good addresses on an interactive map;
    • An automatic translation to offer your content in the language of your travelers (but you can also use your own translations);
    • A direct communication space with your clients and the possibility to receive a notification for each message received, to maintain an optimal responsiveness rate.

    This is just a glimpse of the features and possibilities included in the Yaago digital welcome booklet, as you will have noticed that we go much further than just a welcome booklet.

    2. Secure and advanced access management

    Our software also allows you to streamline logistics, such as the guest journey, and gain even more productivity and time, with features such as:

    • Pre-check-in, including the collection of your guests’ arrival time, as well as their personal information and/or specific requests, etc.
    • Online check-in, to secure each stay by requesting security information from guests (ID, signature of rental contract, etc.) as well as the online deposit with Swikly (which allows the creation of a bank imprint or a payment link for each stay, outside of Airbnb).
    • Establishment of the inventory of fixtures at check-in and check-out, with photos and videos and a joint inventory of fixtures made by the tenants.
    • Self-check-in codes, up to remote opening of common areas, with connected locks and key boxes (Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys).
    • Sending notifications to guests in case of noise disturbances with Mînut.
    • Customization of the digital welcome booklet with the purchase of a Yaago QR-Code keychain (with your brand design!).

    And other features to discover.

    logiciel pour conciergerie yaago

    3. Automated communication, with everyone and for everyone

    Communication management

    Communication becomes easy and fluid because you can set up and personalize your automatic messages to travelers, as well as choose the channel of conversation with them: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chat.

    Regarding communication with your stakeholders, you will be able to define permissions for a group of people or an individual, and even involve owners by providing them with owner access to track the stays of travelers that you manage for them. It is also possible to centralize communication with your travelers through private chat.

    As you can see, Yaago becomes the ideal tool for team collaboration.


    Concierge software that centralizes everything

    Forget about evenings spent planning everyone’s tasks on Google Calendar or an Excel spreadsheet. With Yaago, you can automatically and manually assign tasks to the right people for all your operational management. No more misunderstandings or forgetfulness since everyone has access to the information that concerns them (directly on their smartphone with the Yaago Teams app). Your teammates are always informed of their assigned tasks thanks to automated messages shared at the appropriate time with your entire team (or not), the task schedule, or the internal chat. You can thus centralize your schedules, organize and manage everything accordingly through the configuration of your Airbnb/ connections with Yaago, as well as through our integrated PMS partners (Smily, Beds24, Smoobu, Eviivo, SPI).

    As you can see, Yaago positions itself as a true software for your concierge service, offering you a comprehensive set of features covering all your daily needs.

    With Yaago, you can benefit from training sessions as well as access to the Yaago Club, with exclusive content. Haven’t decided yet? Come discover and explore our packages in detail with our offer of 15 days free trial.

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    Establish an inventory for your seasonal rentals: when, how, why

    Establish an inventory for your seasonal rentals: when, how, why

    Establish an inventory for your seasonal rentals: when, how, why

    Although not mandatory for short-term rentals, establishing an inventory is highly recommended and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, some recurring damage to accommodations can have catastrophic consequences, especially financial ones. They can thus jeopardize the development of such an activity. This is why some owners, concierges, and other managers try to impose it on travelers, even if they are far from accustomed to it. To achieve this, it is necessary to be able to present this process in the best possible way. Here are some elements that will allow you to understand the mechanisms, implementation, and above all the benefits of an Airbnb inventory, both for hosts and tenants.

    1. Put this system in place at the arrival and departure of travelers

    Entry inventory

    It is carried out at the time when travelers enter the premises. Accompanied by the person in charge of managing the accommodation or their representative, they go around and establish a detailed inventory of each room and all the equipment made available during their stay. It is a contradictory document, which means that both parties can add mentions or observations and then jointly initial, date and sign it.

    Managers and concierges, especially with the development of self-check-in, rarely set up this entry inventory. It can be very useful for accommodations with a high value of stay. However, with its digital version, it is now entirely possible to reconcile self-check-in and entry inventory.

    Exit inventory

    It can be carried out even if no entry inventory has been done. However, it is much easier to establish a comparison to identify any damage suffered if an entry inventory has been made. If no problems are found, then the procedure for refunding the security deposit (or caution) put in place and paid at the time of booking can be triggered.

    The exit inventory is more commonly set up for villas, which contain more sensitive assets and where it is possible to spend 30 minutes with travelers to complete this step.

    For small accommodations, where the departure can be self-check-out, the exit inventory is often carried out during the cleaning of the Airbnb accommodation, which can also use Yaago to take photos, videos and leave a comment on the condition of the accommodation.



    2. Establish a proper Airbnb inventory

    This real inventory, usually done in the presence of the host or their representative, follows certain recommendations in terms of procedure and content, and must be annexed to the rental agreement.

    The most common way to do it, both for check-in and check-out, is to:

    • Go through all the interior and exterior spaces (if applicable) and highlight any remarks for each one (cleanliness, wear and tear, etc.).
    • Use the list of all the equipment available to note the condition and operation of each item.

    This can be done on paper or electronically, but it can become tedious over time.

    But don’t worry, Yaago provides solutions to digitalize this step. This means that travelers can report any issues they notice upon arrival through their traveler’s space, by sharing a text comment and/or photos corroborating their remarks directly from their smartphone. This saves considerable time for property managers and is a great way to provide an optimal customer experience.

    Wondering how to integrate this step into your guest communication?

    You can include a link to this feature in the automatic messages sent by Yaago to travelers. For example, in an email about pre-check-in or the day after arrival.

    This will maximize the use of the feature by travelers. You can also make the feature available to travelers in their Yaago welcome booklet without necessarily highlighting it.

    etat des lieux airbnb avec yaago

    3. The benefits of an inventory

    Winning your case with booking platforms

    If a platform like Airbnb offers a host guarantee for damages caused by the tenant, arbitration of the dispute can be complicated in the absence of an inventory. If the tenant disputes the facts, it is solid proof of your good faith.

    Take full advantage of your insurance


    If you use an insurance solution to cover potential damage caused by travelers, in this case, the inventory will be requested by the insurance company in order to hope for compensation in the event of a claim.

    Avoid theft and other unpleasant surprises

    By having photos taken upon arrival and departure, it is much easier to realize if something is missing during the stay. This joint inventory will also highlight the condition of furniture, walls, and other parts of the accommodation that may be damaged by travelers.

    Note that with its digital welcome booklet, Yaago allows you to provide travelers with as many guides in photos or videos as possible about the equipment available in your accommodation. This is an additional way to prevent their deterioration by ensuring their proper use.

    Guarantee expected services to travelers

    By conducting an inventory with your tenant or allowing them to do it independently (as Yaago offers you the opportunity to do through its platform), you give them the opportunity to realize that what you promised in your listing corresponds to reality. The fact that they can notify you of any remarks will give them the feeling that they will be heard in case of a problem, that any pre-existing damage will not be attributed to them, and that they will be able to recover their entire security deposit.


    Yaago supports rental professionals who want to generalize the Airbnb inventory by providing them with dedicated tools.

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    How to ensure a perfect airbnb household? Follow our practical tips and tricks

    How to ensure a perfect airbnb household? Follow our practical tips and tricks

    How to ensure a perfect airbnb household? Follow our practical tips and tricks

    Are you looking to improve the cleaning process of your Airbnb? You’ve come to the right place! We deliver the best practices and advice used by the most experienced managers.

    Tips and best practices for your Airbnb household

    Whether you are a concierge, a seasonal rental agency, or a multi-property owner managing numerous short-term rentals, you have undoubtedly realized how time-consuming and particularly challenging managing the cleaning between each guest stay can be.

    Furthermore, studies and customer feedback clearly show that poorly done cleaning and lack of hygiene are often a source of complaint. Since customer satisfaction is essential, what can you do to avoid neglecting the cleaning step and ensure impeccable accommodations for guests?

    We provide you with our tips and tricks to not overlook anything. And as a bonus, we reveal a secret: there is a digital tool to help you out!

    The sacrosanct and unavoidable checklist

    Prioritize tasks: the importance of a specific to-do list

    The checklist is now an essential tool used by hosts to ensure that rental properties are in good condition before, during, and after a guest’s stay, especially since sometimes high cleaning fees must be justified.

    Here are some recurring tasks to organize and perform cleaning interventions:

    • Scheduling cleanings based on check-in and check-out times
    • Assigning specific roles to each member of the cleaning team
    • Defining the number of properties to clean and providing all relevant information to the cleaning team
    • Checking for potential damages after guests depart and addressing any issues (e.g. burned-out light bulbs)
    • Listing cleaning tasks for each property, and sometimes for each room
    • Keeping cleaning supplies stocked
    • Verifying that all tasks have been completed satisfactorily
    • Conducting a final, thorough visual check.

    The checklist can be easily shared with the cleaning team, who can refer to it at any time. By doing so, hosts can anticipate most problems long before potential guests experience them, which is vital for receiving positive reviews, building customer loyalty, maximizing rental profits, and establishing trust.

    Define a “typical” Airbnb household

    As cleaning an Airbnb property is not the same as cleaning your own home, it is crucial to plan and define a specific cleaning routine (to which specificities can be added according to the properties).Beyond the classic tasks of vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, cleaning an Airbnb property often involves:




    • Disinfecting all surfaces (kitchen and bathroom);
    • Washing and changing the bed linens;
    • Cleaning under the furniture;
    • Regularly maintaining the refrigerator;
    • Managing the dishwasher or dryer, trash bags, etc.;
    • Cleaning the shower curtain, light fixtures, handles, switches, and remote controls;
    • Checking drawers and appliances;
    • Replacing consumables
    check list menage airbnb

    How to gain efficiency for a flawless Airbnb household?

    Optimize your time management

    The places that require the most attention (because they are often forgotten) are the linens and the bathroom.

    One tip to avoid overlooking them is, for example, if laundry is not outsourced, start by washing the sheets, then the towels, while beginning cleaning in the bathroom.

    Another example: as soon as you enter the rental property, ask the staff in charge to open all the windows to air out the property and do a quick inspection in the process.

    The little extras that make the difference

    If you run a concierge service, you know that property owners have a wide range of companies to choose from when it comes to managing their property. So don’t hesitate to highlight your specificities and advantages, even when it comes to cleaning.

    For example, offer a deep cleaning service twice a year, during the low season, to maintain the rental property in perfect cleanliness and clean what cannot be done during regular cleaning: washing curtains, deep cleaning carpets, flipping mattresses, etc.

    You can also offer an “Hygiene+” option by offering to wash pillows, duvets, and cushions for your property owners. This shows that you take the greatest care of the properties and you can highlight these practices to travelers.

    A digital tool dedicated to household management

    Welcome to the era of digital comfort

    Although Yaago is not strictly a cleaning application, popular features such as task management and automatic assignment or the Yaago Team mobile app can save you a lot of time.

    You can immediately check if everything is in order with a detailed to-do list (by property and task type).

    At the end of each intervention, you can inspect what has been done, ensure that each step has been followed, and review shared media and comments.

    An Airbnb household managed in a few clicks

    Your communication is multiplied and simplified: you exchange with your team at any time to inform them of the tasks that fall to them as well as the information you want to transmit to them.

    You choose exactly what to share and with whom, individually or to a given group of stakeholders. You become more efficient, faster, more profitable; your employees too!

    Test the optimization of your Airbnb households with Yaago

    The task management functionality included in Yaago allows you to optimally organize the entire cleaning process: it is guaranteed 100% benefits!

    Are you hesitant? Create a trial account without obligation or make an appointment for a free demo. We bet you won’t be able to do without it!

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    Airbnb welcome booklet example: properly structure its content

    Airbnb welcome booklet example: properly structure its content

    Airbnb welcome booklet example: properly structure its content

    A well-designed Airbnb welcome booklet greatly enhances the guest experience.

    Short-term rental owners and concierge services know that the level of a property’s quality is not solely measured by its cleanliness or amenities. Hospitality also plays a key role in determining the quality of a host. This begins with choosing a good Airbnb guestbook template, which is a powerful communication tool where travelers can find all the necessary information to ensure a smooth stay. Additionally, discovering an unfamiliar place can generate certain apprehensions and numerous questions. Reassuring and guiding your guests from the moment they book is the goal of this small guide. Here’s how to make it effective.

    1. Choose a blanket that throws away

    A beautiful presentation page is ideal for immediately proving to travelers their excellent choice. Don’t hesitate to show your state of mind and the atmosphere of your rental through:

      • A title. Welcome them to your accommodation, it’s a good start.
      • A nice photo. Highlight your interior or the surroundings of your property, to make them want to check out the rest of the document.


      Adding the mention “house manual” can also make them understand that they will be guided throughout their stay at your place.

      💡 Tip: In your welcome booklet, you can accentuate the wow effect even more by displaying a video upon arrival on your welcome booklet.

      2. Personnaliser le modèle de livret d’accueil Airbnb avec un petit mot de bienvenue

      Cet espace vous permet de vous présenter et de faire un petit historique de votre bien. Ainsi, vous humanisez la relation avec vos locataires. Ils sont, en principe, toujours ravis d’en connaître un peu plus sur les gens chez qui ils sont. Cela apporte un côté sympathique qui éveillera davantage leur intérêt pour votre demeure. Cette petite touche personnelle participe de l’ambiance conviviale que vous souhaitez, à n’en pas douter, faire ressortir.

      Via son livret digital, Yaago vous permet la création d’un petit mot de bienvenue individualisé pour chaque réservation. Il est visible dès la page d’accueil de l’espace voyageur.

      💡 Astuce : Si vous savez que vos futurs voyageurs viennent pour un évènement spécial (mariage, anniversaire) ajoutez un petit mot personnalisé pour les surprendre et rendre leur expérience unique.

      3. Create a listing with all the important information

      “What is the wifi code?” Almost every newcomer will ask you.”

      This page, which can be consulted at the beginning of the booklet, should include all the information necessary for the comfort and safety of the residents, for example:

      • The famous Wi-Fi code.
      • Emergency numbers (firefighters, police).
      • Contact information for any questions during their stay.
      • The phone number of the nearest doctor.
      • Contact information for any service providers (garden, pool).

      Anticipating their every question and making their stay with you always simpler and more enjoyable, that is the purpose of this page.

      💡 Tip: For sharing the Wifi Code but also other important information, we allow you to generate a QR Code for each guide in your booklet. Thus, access is even faster!

      4. Make the booklet easier to read with the summary

      Easily and quickly obtaining the information they are looking for will prevent your tenants from panicking and making unnecessary calls to you. A clear and accessible table of contents indicates a well-structured publication. Each section should be sufficiently descriptive to avoid getting lost in multiple chapters before finding the right information.

      Yaago offers you the possibility to customize the homepage of the guest space to integrate the most important and essential information for the arrival and stay of travelers.

      Don’t hesitate to watch this video introducing Yaago’s digital welcome booklet.

      5. Inform travelers about arrival and departure conditions


      Set a time slot. This can be discussed in case of early or late arrival. Provide key delivery conditions:  

      • In person.
      • Autonomously via a key box or a smart lock (a pin code can be generated on the Yaago welcome booklet).
      • Explain the parking rules:  
      • Private. Provide, if applicable, a space number and/or how to access it.
      • Public. Specify the closest ones as well as their free or paid status.


      Likewise, list the modalities:


      • Time limit.
      • Process. Free departure or meeting with someone beforehand.
      • Inventory check or not.
      • Complete cleaning or only emptying of trash and fridge.
      • Return of the security deposit (possibility on Yaago to create a direct link in the traveler’s space in case of deposit management system).
      • Return of keys.

      6. Provide as much information about housing as possible

      They include, for example:


      • The use of all equipment (indoor and outdoor) in the house.Remember to include all user manuals for appliances, alarm systems, or intercoms.You can also provide visitors with personalized tutorial videos on the Yaago digital welcome booklet.
      • The waste management policy in your neighborhood (collection days, sorting bins, etc.).
      • All the practical details that will only improve the daily life of travelers (reversing hot and cold for a faucet, lifting the handle of a door to lock it, etc.).

      7. Remember the rules to respect

      This is your home, so don’t be afraid to impose your rules. You have the right to ask tenants to respect them, without being authoritarian. Communication can prevent misunderstandings, simply explain your expectations regarding:


      • Parties, events, and noise nuisances (to be avoided as the neighborhood is calm, etc.).
      • Smoking. (Only outside?)
      • Welcoming or not welcoming pets and to what extent.
      • If applicable, sharing common areas (residence with a swimming pool, for example).

      8. Offer good addresses in the surrounding area

      It is highly appreciated by vacationers to know about all the shops and services nearby. All information about local tourism (activities, places to visit) is also good to have. Maybe you could even reach out to local restaurants and ask them to offer a discount to visitors from you, why not?

      One of the advantages of Yaago is to offer an interactive map on which only the listed points of interest that you have referenced in your Good Addresses will appear. This map also shows the routes to take to get there. All of this, even from a smartphone.

      Establishing a perfect Airbnb welcome booklet template holds no secrets for you. Want to move up a gear by offering a unique experience to your travelers? Create your Yaago welcome booklet in minutes.

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      Welcome booklet: everything you need to know about this short-term rental essentials

      Welcome booklet: everything you need to know about this short-term rental essentials

      Welcome booklet: everything you need to know about this short-term rental essentials

      A well-designed Airbnb welcome booklet greatly enhances the guest experience.

      This user would like a translation in English of the following text: This house manual is an essential element to implement in an accommodation. All owners or property management companies who wish to provide an optimal traveler experience to their visitors know the importance of creating a proper seasonal rental welcome booklet. Originally available on simple paper support, notably in the Gîtes de France bed and breakfasts, industry professionals have been able to evolve this guide to the perfect stay to make it even more comprehensive. In addition, all modern digital means allow all those who enjoy the accommodation to consult it much more easily and quickly. Here is a complete tour of the questions you have about this tool that facilitates both the lives of tenants and managers.

      1. What is a welcome booklet for seasonal rentals?

      Historically provided upon arrival at the traveler’s destination, it is a document that gathers everything there is to know about life on site. They can find all the information and resources they need regarding the furnished accommodation where they are staying, as well as about the local life and points of interest. This should provide them with all the answers to the questions they may have during their visit to your place. This can range from how to use the oven to the address of the nearby restaurant with the best value for money, for example. In short, it is a kind of manual that simplifies the lives of occupants to the maximum, who can sometimes be a little lost or stressed when discovering an unknown place.

      2. What’s the point?

      Firstly, the booklet serves to welcome newcomers. As they say, first impressions often last. If they feel welcomed properly right from the start, it will only reassure them about the rest of their stay. Secondly, rather than being a set of rules to follow (although, as we will see below, it is good to specify a few), this collection should give the impression, throughout its different sections, that you have thought of every detail to make the lives of the people who have chosen your apartment or house as pleasant as possible. This is a great proof of your professionalism in the short-term rental industry.

      💡 Tip: do not hesitate to customize your booklet as much as possible according to the type of tenants

      accueil location saisonnière

      3. What are the benefits?

      For travelers:

      • Feeling of enjoying a personalized welcome, almost friendly hospitality.
      • Anticipation of any problem or difficulty they may encounter during their stay.
      • Obtaining the contact details of a dedicated contact person, capable of answering all their questions.
      • Being able to consult all kinds of advice and recommendations, saves them from getting lost in internet searches or queuing at a tourist office.

      For the manager:

      • The main advantage is time-saving, especially if you are in charge of several properties. If the booklet contains all the help that tenants may need during their stay, then you will avoid a lot of emails, texts, and other phone calls that can be quite time-consuming.
      • In addition, by feeling taken care of without having to ask, they will be grateful to you and leave enthusiastic comments.

      💡 Tip: You can put tutorialless videos for the use of each household appliance. Another considerable time saver for everyone.

      4. What does a welcome booklet look like for a seasonal rental?

      There are plenty of examples of welcome booklets that you can use as inspiration to create your own. However, it must contain a certain number of almost indispensable pages. Among them:

      • A cover page displaying a title, a nice picture of the property, and the words “welcome booklet” (or manual).
      • A personalized welcome message in which you introduce yourself and provide a brief history of the place.
      • A practical sheet with all the phone numbers, codes, passwords, and other information they may need.
      • A table of contents to make reading much easier.
      • A summary of the arrival and departure conditions (times, key handover and return, among others).
      • All information about living in the accommodation, such as how to use the equipment, the waste management policy, or any small peculiarities to pay attention to.
      • As mentioned earlier, it is still good to remind guests of the rules to follow in the accommodation (noise, smoking, pets, for example), to avoid any misunderstanding with the neighbors, in particular.
      • Finally, a page listing all the good addresses, tips, and various points of interest around the rental.

      This is essentially what you need to include in your guide. To learn more, come and discover in more detail what a good Airbnb welcome booklet model contains.

      5. How to create it?

      Two options are available to create an attractive welcome booklet.

      Paper format


      You absolutely have to pay attention to the appearance to make travelers want to open it and get absorbed in it. Try to give it the most polished look possible:

      A book-style cover. A handwritten introduction (it makes an impact). Excellent quality photos.

      People must feel that your property and its region are worth the time you spent on this work.

      Digital format

      Faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly, it has been popular for a few years now:

      You can create a booklet in the style of the paper version and send it as a pdf (by email or via a URL). Applications like Yaago allow you to share all the information about the rental with the traveler, who can find everything on their dedicated space. The interactive side of this process greatly improves the traveler’s experience. Inventory or not. Complete cleaning or only emptying trash cans and refrigerator.

      Digital is also very practical for making updates to the booklet in real-time (e.g., how to operate a new device).




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