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If Paris was shaped like a snail, the 1st arrondissement would be its head. Despite its modest size, it is one of the most prestigious and iconic places in the capital. Between its listed monuments, its palaces, its shopping streets and its green parks, the historical and geographical heart of Paris has an exceptional tourist and cultural scene. Located on the right bank of the Seine, the 1st arrondissement of Paris is divided into several districts with various atmospheres. From the Louvre to LesHalles, passing by the Île de laCitéand the Royal Palace,Yaagooffers you its must-see destinations to capture the soul of this arrondissement with a thousand faces. There are countless opportunities to stroll in the pedestrianized streets, admire the architectural heritage, stock up on culture, browse the fashion boutiques and to sit down to eat, whatever the hour.

Published on January 8, 2021

Places to visit

The Louvre museum

This is of course the main attraction of the district and the most visited museum in the world. The Louvre contains some of the most important collections of art and antiques. Famous masterpieces include the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Raft of the Medusa.

The Sainte-Chapelle

The western part of theIle-de-la-Cité also belongs to the 1st arrondissement. Just cross the oldest bridge in Paris, the Pont-Neuf, to discover three essential monuments: the Sainte-Chapelle, the Palais de Justice and concierge. The Sainte-Chapelle is a jewel of Gothic architecture and is considered to be the most beautiful church in the capital – especially because of its 15 m high stained-glass windows.

Places to stroll

The Tuileries Garden

The 1st arrondissement may be one of the smallest in the capital, but it contains the most parks and green spaces. The Jardin des Tuileries is one of the most notable. This French garden, created in the 17th century, stretches along the Seine between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. Its alleys are lined with lime and chestnut trees and make it the perfect place for strolling for locals and tourists.

Place Vendome

An emblem of Parisian luxury, this elegant royal square is renowned for its majestic mansions and the high-end jewelry displaces that line it. The legendary palace of Place Vendome, Le Ritz, is home to one of the most beautiful hotel bars, the perfect place to go for a drink.

Galleries of the Palais-Royal

The elegant galleries that frame the peaceful Jardin du Palais-Royal conceal, behind their colonnades, vintage shops, art galleries and antique shops.
Places to do shopping

The Forum des Halles

The 1st arrondissement is a paradise for window shoppers. Luxury boutiques line the rue Saint-Honoré, Les Halles district and the rue de Rivoli, teeming with shops that will delight shopping enthusiasts.

WH Smith

Under the arcades of rue de Rivoli, sits the largest Anglo-Saxon bookstore in Paris. WH Smith opened in 1903 and offers an extremely varied range of content in the English language. This historic address does not lack character with its superbly preserved woodwork and stained-glass windows.

Concept-store L’Exception

A worthy successor to the famous concept store on rue Saint-Honoré, Colette, which closed its doors in 2017, L’Exception offers a cutting-edge selection dedicated to young French creations. It has taken up residence under the new Canopy of the Forum Les Halles, in the lively district of LesHalles.
Places where to eat

Au Pied de Cochon

If you’re hungry late at night, come to this Parisian institution open 24/7! Located in the heart of the dynamic Les Halles district, this historic establishment is the soul of old Paris, and features authentic brasserie cuisine.

Plisson Saint-Honoré House

The Place du Marché Saint-Honoré is a beautiful spot, dedicated to good food. It brings together, over 1,200 m2 spread over 2 floors, a large general food store, a restaurant and a street-food counter. Pay a visit for the opportunity to taste high quality products on site or at home, sourced from artisans from all over France.

Cafe Marly

Located under the arcades of the Richelieu wing of the Louvre, this restaurant offers delicious brasserie dishes. The room offers beautiful Napoleon III style decor, with padded armchairs and gilded woodwork. But the best place in the caffe is the terrace, with has a breathtaking view of the Louvre pyramid.


The arcades of the rue de Rivoli hide certain hundred-year-old locations such as the Angelina tea room. Its chic and old-fashioned decor, old woodwork and small round marble tables invite you to take a break to taste the gourmet house specialty: a creamy hot chocolate accompanied by a cake made with chestnut cream, the famous Mont-Blanc.

Juveniles wine bar

An ideal place for a drink and a bite to eat after an evening at the Comedie-Française, just a stone’s throw away. This warm, atmospheric wine bar offers a selection of fine beverages from France and elsewhere.

The Golden Spike

The Michelin-starred chef, Jean-François Piege, has taken over this old bistro in Les Halles and has kept its original features: a rustic décor, home cooking and a popular spirit. Visit for a tasty dive into the Paris of yesteryear.

Go out

The Duke of the Lombards

The jazz clubs have historically been grouped on the left bank, except for the Duke ofLombards, which is located on the right bank, in Châtelet. This venue provides the stage to a variety of different musical acts and has never been empty since its opening in 1984. Its prestigious program makes it a legendary club of the capital city.

The Comedie-Française

Founded in 1680, the Comedie-Française is the oldest theatre in Paris, with its own regular acts and a repertoire of 3,000 pieces, ranging from classical to modern. Next to the Louvre, the famous house stands on Place Colette opposite the Palais-Royal. A must-visit place for an evening at the theatre.

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Published on January 8, 2021

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