Household management: the benefits of a dedicated tool

3 Feb 2023

Short-term rental professionals will tell you that customer satisfaction is essential if you want to continue this activity. Providing impeccable accommodations to travelers is therefore at the heart of concerns of any reputable concierge service. The task management feature on Yaago allows for optimal organization of the cleaning process in each of your properties, making it an invaluable tool.

1. Manage your teams more serenely

Relying on efficient and fast collaborators is essential to achieve maximum profitability. However, it is necessary to provide them with the means to be so.

A platform like Yaago gives you an overview of all your properties for rent and the interventions to be made. You can thus, in just a few clicks:

  • Schedule cleanings according to the arrival and departure of tenants.
  • Assign a sector or number of properties to your employees or subcontractors.
  • Define permissions based on the role assigned to each one.
  • Check that tasks have been completed.

This simplified internal management gives you time to focus on other aspects such as promoting your accommodations. Speaking of which, do you know how to use Instagram for your short-term rental?

2. Establish detailed to-do lists

Once you have assigned one or more properties to one of your team members, you have the opportunity to specify in detail all the tasks to be done there. This can translate into a standard cleaning procedure for multiple properties. You can also add specificities for certain properties in particular.

The cleaning staff has all this information available on their dedicated Yaago space.

The manager can also send them special recommendations in real time at any time. This system is, for example, very useful when you want to accompany a person who is new to housekeeping for a concierge service. You can train them by listing as precisely as possible all the actions to be taken. When you feel that they have acquired the necessary automatisms, you will have the leisure to be a little less exhaustive regarding their next tasks.

💡 Tip: At Yaago, you have the choice between the 2 options. You will be able to prepare your to-do list from the start, depending on the task and the accommodation. Then automatically assign them to your speakers. Or handle it on a case-by-case basis.

3. Facilitate communication between employees with a household application

Being able to communicate easily with your employees and vice versa is still one of the main advantages of a tool like Yaago. Indeed, through the interface, you can set up a reporting system that the employee must send you at the end of each intervention. It includes written comments on the progress of their work. They are also able to attach photos and videos to attest to their visit or to report an issue in one of your properties. These can be taken and sent immediately from their smartphone.

You can also request that a timer be triggered at the start of operations if you take into account the time spent on site.

You can provide all the information and feedback that you deem necessary for the improvement of their services. Similarly, your employee can inform you at any time of any problems or difficulties encountered. By using the application, you are sure to keep a record of all your exchanges.

Convinced by the need to use a household application? Do not hesitate to discover all the services offered by Yaago by requesting a demo.

3 Feb 2023

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