How to calmly and ideally consider the Airbnb check-out of your guests?

You put a lot of effort into your guests’ arrival, but what about your Airbnb check-out process? Have you optimized this step to help your teams and ensure 5-star reviews?

9 Feb 2023

When it comes to the departure of guests from your rental property, while it may be acceptable to provide them with a short list of things to do to prepare for check-out, it is not wise to overwhelm them with tasks.

Otherwise, they may be left with an unpleasant impression at the end of their weekend and/or vacation, and they may feel a strong desire to leave you a mixed or even negative review in retaliation.

Your goal is simply to ensure that your tenants leave with a good impression while feeling supported, to reduce costs, and to avoid unnecessary risks. Find out how to proceed.

What to mention during the Airbnb check-out?

Remind the departure deadline

There will always be some people who request an 8am check-in and/or a late check-out time (like 6pm)…! Even if you think everything was clear on this point (in the listing for example), sending a reminder message of the departure time to be respected in an automated pre-check-out message the day before your tenants’ departure is not at all excessive.

Similarly, you can remind them of the small things you ask them to do when they leave.

In the case of self-check-out, there may be some time between check-out and the arrival of the cleaning team, which is why it is important to be clear with travelers about the process to follow.

automatiser check out airbnb avec yaago

What can a traveler be asked to do at check-out?

We don’t claim to have a universal to-do list, what you want guests to do will probably depend on the accommodation, your processes and your organization.

On the other hand, we invite you to discover tasks that some of our users ask their travelers to perform:


  • Leave instructions regarding small household appliances (should they be unplugged?…);
  • Ask tenants to throw away disposable items, as well as garbage if necessary;
  • Record what customers should do with dirty linen;
  • Remind them to throw away or take with them any food or drinks they brought, and to empty the fridge;
  • Suggest to travelers to leave a list of supplies that should be restocked after their stay (coffee filters, dish soap, …), even if the cleaning team will also check (no one is immune to forgetting);
  • Ask them to put furniture back in its original place (if necessary);
  • Provide instructions regarding the thermostat for radiators or air conditioning, if it needs to be kept at a certain temperature or turned off;
  • Ask them to turn off lights and electronic devices, as well as lock windows and doors;
  • Offer to go through all closets and drawers to make sure no personal belongings were left behind, and to check outlets where a device is often left charging;
  • And finally, remind them of the outdoor space, which is often forgotten (with the need, for example, to bring kitchen utensils inside if they were used in a barbecue area).

Again, the idea is not for the traveler to replace the housekeeping staff. The longer the list, the more likely it is to be perceived as unreasonable.

So focus on what’s most important to you. This saves time for cleaning teams, which is related to the security of the home or saves energy for example.

“Again, the idea is not for the traveler to replace the housekeeping staff. The longer the list, the more likely it is to be perceived as unreasonable.

So focus on what’s most important to you. This saves time for cleaning teams, which is related to the security of the home or saves energy for example.”

For an efficient and fast Airbnb check-out, switch to automation

Key collection

Regardless of your key delivery process (in person, in the mailbox, or via a key box), it is very important to explain the process clearly to your guests.

Consider providing accompanying photos, plans, or videos to avoid any misunderstandings and prevent lost keys, which could require changing the locks.

For self check-out, there’s nothing better than smart locks (such as Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys) with an automated PIN code setup for each stay based on the status of the deposit.

This way, guests can leave the accommodation with peace of mind, without the risk of losing keys.

The intervention of the cleaning team

The link between the departure of travelers and the cleaning intervention is closer than it seems. Ask your cleaning team how much time they would save if the garbage was thrown away and the fridge emptied before they arrived at the accommodation.

The cleaning team intervenes for a “typical” cleaning after the departure of clients and will follow their own work process. Respecting their process allows them to smoothly carry out their tasks and recoup their costs.

Often, the cleaning staff takes the opportunity to carefully check the condition of the accommodation (maintenance, restocking, possible damage, latent wear and tear, etc.).

Therefore, it is very important that they can carry out their mission under good conditions.

Also, don’t hesitate to consult our tips and tricks for the perfect Airbnb cleaning.

Digitize your Airbnb check-out with Yaago

Implementing this check-out process may seem time-consuming and tedious to you. This is the case for any new process, but the short-term benefits are very real.

However, there is a digital tool that can automate the Airbnb check-out process and help you save time (ultimately gaining it back!).

With Yaago, you can send these automated messages via email, SMS, or WhatsApp the day before your guests’ departure.

They will be delighted to see your professionalism throughout their entire stay experience with you.

9 Feb 2023

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