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16 Feb 2023

Tips and best practices for your Airbnb household

Whether you are a concierge, a seasonal rental agency, or a multi-property owner managing numerous short-term rentals, you have undoubtedly realized how time-consuming and particularly challenging managing the cleaning between each guest stay can be.

Furthermore, studies and customer feedback clearly show that poorly done cleaning and lack of hygiene are often a source of complaint. Since customer satisfaction is essential, what can you do to avoid neglecting the cleaning step and ensure impeccable accommodations for guests?

We provide you with our tips and tricks to not overlook anything. And as a bonus, we reveal a secret: there is a digital tool to help you out!

The sacrosanct and unavoidable checklist

Prioritize tasks: the importance of a specific to-do list

The checklist is now an essential tool used by hosts to ensure that rental properties are in good condition before, during, and after a guest’s stay, especially since sometimes high cleaning fees must be justified.

Here are some recurring tasks to organize and perform cleaning interventions:

  • Scheduling cleanings based on check-in and check-out times
  • Assigning specific roles to each member of the cleaning team
  • Defining the number of properties to clean and providing all relevant information to the cleaning team
  • Checking for potential damages after guests depart and addressing any issues (e.g. burned-out light bulbs)
  • Listing cleaning tasks for each property, and sometimes for each room
  • Keeping cleaning supplies stocked
  • Verifying that all tasks have been completed satisfactorily
  • Conducting a final, thorough visual check.

The checklist can be easily shared with the cleaning team, who can refer to it at any time. By doing so, hosts can anticipate most problems long before potential guests experience them, which is vital for receiving positive reviews, building customer loyalty, maximizing rental profits, and establishing trust.

Define a “typical” Airbnb household

As cleaning an Airbnb property is not the same as cleaning your own home, it is crucial to plan and define a specific cleaning routine (to which specificities can be added according to the properties).Beyond the classic tasks of vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, cleaning an Airbnb property often involves:




  • Disinfecting all surfaces (kitchen and bathroom);
  • Washing and changing the bed linens;
  • Cleaning under the furniture;
  • Regularly maintaining the refrigerator;
  • Managing the dishwasher or dryer, trash bags, etc.;
  • Cleaning the shower curtain, light fixtures, handles, switches, and remote controls;
  • Checking drawers and appliances;
  • Replacing consumables
check list menage airbnb

How to gain efficiency for a flawless Airbnb household?

Optimize your time management

The places that require the most attention (because they are often forgotten) are the linens and the bathroom.

One tip to avoid overlooking them is, for example, if laundry is not outsourced, start by washing the sheets, then the towels, while beginning cleaning in the bathroom.

Another example: as soon as you enter the rental property, ask the staff in charge to open all the windows to air out the property and do a quick inspection in the process.

The little extras that make the difference

If you run a concierge service, you know that property owners have a wide range of companies to choose from when it comes to managing their property. So don’t hesitate to highlight your specificities and advantages, even when it comes to cleaning.

For example, offer a deep cleaning service twice a year, during the low season, to maintain the rental property in perfect cleanliness and clean what cannot be done during regular cleaning: washing curtains, deep cleaning carpets, flipping mattresses, etc.

You can also offer an “Hygiene+” option by offering to wash pillows, duvets, and cushions for your property owners. This shows that you take the greatest care of the properties and you can highlight these practices to travelers.

A digital tool dedicated to household management

Welcome to the era of digital comfort

Although Yaago is not strictly a cleaning application, popular features such as task management and automatic assignment or the Yaago Team mobile app can save you a lot of time.

You can immediately check if everything is in order with a detailed to-do list (by property and task type).

At the end of each intervention, you can inspect what has been done, ensure that each step has been followed, and review shared media and comments.

An Airbnb household managed in a few clicks

Your communication is multiplied and simplified: you exchange with your team at any time to inform them of the tasks that fall to them as well as the information you want to transmit to them.

You choose exactly what to share and with whom, individually or to a given group of stakeholders. You become more efficient, faster, more profitable; your employees too!

Test the optimization of your Airbnb households with Yaago

The task management functionality included in Yaago allows you to optimally organize the entire cleaning process: it is guaranteed 100% benefits!

Are you hesitant? Create a trial account without obligation or make an appointment for a free demo. We bet you won’t be able to do without it!

16 Feb 2023

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