How to limit bad experiences with your Guests?

Vacation rentals are not always smooth sailing. You may have to deal with negative feedback and comments from your guests.

Published on January 14, 2021
Vacation rentals are not always smooth sailing. You may have to deal with negative feedback and comments from your guests. Whether it’s a bad Wifi connection, a dripping faucet, a faulty alarm or the bad weather, a bad experience almost guarantees negative comments. Often, these inconveniences can be avoided if you establish good communication with your Travellers. With Yaago you can discuss the terms of the property with your Guests before hand and provide them with a complete guide on using yourAccommodation. You can also recommend the bestSpotsin the area so that they can better organize their stay with you and limit the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Prepare for the arrival of your Travelers

First impressions are so important, so take the time to make sure your Guests receive the best welcome ever. If your Guests arrive too early for check-in, provide them with some options of places they can visit and wait at until they are able to get to the property. Yaago can help support you to provide your Travellers with all the information they need to make their lives easier.

Deal with the unpredictable weather

Of course, you are not responsible for the weather. But a sudden change in weather can quickly ruin your Guests’ stay and leave them with a bad impression. To compensate for such an inconvenience, provide your Guests with Instructions of Activities to do in bad weather, ranging from museums, aquariums castles or amusement parks. Your Guests will appreciate the attention and will be less affected by the cold and the rain if they are able to keep themselves and their children occupied!

Translate your property guide

Providing a guide for using your Property is good, translating it into the language of your foreign Guests is even better! To avoid any misunderstandings and to improve the well-being and satisfaction of your Travellers who do not speak French, Yaago takes care of translating the user guide for your accommodation into their language.

Update your Spots

There is nothing worse than outdated recommendations that will only create frustration among your Guests. Thanks to Yaago, you can update your activity suggestions and the best Spots in your are at any time so that your Guests can get the most out of them. Keep them informed of current events when they arrive and provide them with important details to know, such as reservation deadlines for a restaurant, exhibitiondates, etc.

Provide instructions for your accommodation

Does your rental have a kitchen equipped with the best appliances? Your Guests will need to know how to use them. Does your pool have a security alarm? What happens when it goes off? With Yaago you can detail all the essential instructions to run your property in a practical and digital Guide that your guests can consult at any time.
Published on January 14, 2021

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