How to master the operations of your homes as a concierge

Publié le 29 Apr 2023

It is no longer necessary to prove it, owners wishing to make their real estate investments profitable by offering them for short-term rental have every interest in calling on rental management professionals to achieve this. It is still necessary that these experts (concierges, agencies) are able to offer a service corresponding to the expectations of their customers. That’s where technology comes in!

Among the services provided, a well-established organization must be at the center of the concerns of vacation rental managers. Optimizing the management of tasks in the concierge service by setting up a well-defined process and automating them wisely, will certainly save time and therefore significant growth in a sector with strong competition and always booming. Here is an overview of the points to highlight regarding the daily logistics of housing and collaboration with its teams or subcontractors.

1. Manage different household types according to the period and characteristics of the dwelling

gérer les tâches en conciergerie

Promising travelers to enjoy their stay in a consistently impeccable place is one of the most important things to consider as a concierge service. To ensure receiving more positive feedback on the cleanliness of the premises, it is important to carefully consider the procedure to be put in place to make maintenance as efficient and smooth as possible. First, plan for adequate staff based on the size of the spaces to be cleaned. One person can take care of several studios in a day, while a whole team may be needed to clean and prepare a luxury property with a garden and pool. To organize this effectively, it is advisable to implement several tools.

Maintaining short-term rental properties requires more than just a quick wipe-down.                           

That’s why it’s necessary to clearly outline the essential tasks to be performed between two periods of occupancy. These tasks can, of course, be adjusted based on the specificities of each property, but it is important to always adhere to a certain number of non-negotiables, such as (non-exhaustive list):

  • Vacuuming.
  • Dusting furniture.
  • Cleaning floors and all surfaces.
  • Disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Checking and cleaning all appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc.).
  • Replacing consumables.
  • Washing sheets and other linens.


Implementing a checklist

By implementing such a process, concierge services can ensure that they don’t forget anything when it comes to tasks to be done and checked for each rental property. In this way, the cleaning staff only need to follow this logistical route which may include, for example:

  • The number of properties to be cleaned and the time slots during which to intervene based on departures and arrivals. There may be periods of intermediate cleaning or more in-depth cleaning during low season.
  • Checking for any damage or other deterioration possibly caused by certain occupants.
  • Assigning specific roles or tasks to each staff member.

    There are obviously many other tips and best practices for Airbnb cleaning. 


    💡 Tip: It is with the need to implement these business processes in mind that at Yaago, we have developed powerful task management features. Such as customized checklists for each property and type of task, for example.


    2. Manage guest arrivals and departures

    To hope to receive even more enthusiastic comments from tenants and thus develop their client base, concierge services have every interest in implementing a proper check-in and check-out procedure.

    As soon as tenants have made their choice, they should immediately feel taken care of. Their traveler experience begins as soon as the reservation is confirmed:

    • A small note to thank them for choosing this property is generally very effective.
    • Sending a list of all important things to know to prepare for their arrival (itinerary, schedule, contact person on site for any questions, etc.).
    • Providing an ultra-complete and personalized welcome booklet. Here is, in fact, a model of an Airbnb welcome booklet to draw inspiration from.
    • Explaining the process for accessing the property easily in case of self-check-in (for example, using a connected lock or key box).



    During their stay and until their departure, it is essential that tenants have easy and quick access to all the information they need to feel comfortable and relaxed about life in the property and the surrounding area. In short, they need to feel at ease and enjoy their visit to the fullest. Once again, with a well-organized process and thoughtful automation of procedures, managers of seasonal rental properties will be able to stand out and offer quality properties.

    💡 Tip: Yaago stands by those who wish to develop their business through software dedicated to concierge services. This traveler journey can be fully automated thanks to our automatic messages.

    3. Collecting information from teams in the field, another good way to improve the management of tasks in concierge

    Good communication with different stakeholders in short-term rentals is essential to ensure that they are always impeccable and can perfectly meet the visitors’ expectations. Allowing a housekeeper or maintenance worker to provide immediate feedback on the condition of a property before, during, or after tenants’ stay is an excellent way to quickly identify any necessary repairs or cleaning.

    Sending real-time comments, photos, or videos of any issues encountered can lead to quick decision-making on the actions needed to remedy them (e.g., cleaning, repairs, appliance malfunctions, etc.). This approach also enables the on-site staff to ensure that they have properly completed their tasks and meet the concierge’s expectations.


    Yaago, via its application, offers a system dedicated to exchanges with teams, to the implementation of adjustable schedules in real time according to the authorizations of each. Proof once again that they have thought of everything to improve the management of tasks in concierge service.

    29 Apr 2023

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