Invest in decor for Short-Term rentals

Our advice to optimize the decoration of your Short-Term Rental.

Published on January 8, 2021
The decoration of your Airbnb accommodation is a key element that should not be overlooked. In the competitive world of short-term rentals, it’s even a great way to set yourself apart from the rest. A beautiful interior will ensure you get great photos to illustrate your listing and grab the attention of Travelers looking for a rental. Making your Property attractive will also help you improve your Guests’ Experience when they come at your place. A warm, comfortable and functional atmosphere will make a good impression on your Guests, who will not hesitate to leave a positive review about the quality of your home. There is nothing like a harmonious and well-organized space to increase your chances of achieving Superhost status. Here are our tips to give to your Property some character and pleasing as many people as possible.

Opt for neutral but trendy decor

By neutral, we mean a refined and discreet design that isn’t controversial. Rather than choosing a strong aesthetic, like the jungle or art deco style, it is better to favour a sober and timeless trend like the Scandinavian or Industrial style. The principle is to avoid fashions and overcrowded interiors at all costs. Play the card of sobriety and minimalism will allow you to avoid missteps and adopt a style that lasts for years. Raw and natural materials like wood are essential. Choose materials that will last over time. A timeless color like bright white is perfect to dress your walls.

Create a cosy atmosphere

After a day of moping or in the event of bad weather, your Guests will appreciate the comfort of a warm and cosy interior. If the jungle or baroque look is too risky, you can add a few touches of color and fantasy by focusing, in particular, on the choice of fabrics. Textiles will allow you to bring softness and friendliness. Choose colorful fabrics for your cushions, rugs and curtains and warm up the atmosphere. In the living room, opt for a welcoming and soft sofa, if possible, opt for a sofa bed to be able to add an additional bed.

Add a feature wall

Even though your decor is clean and minimalist, it should not be soulless. To give life and character to a room, just bet on a “strong” decorative element – a detail that hits the mark. This could be a section of colored wall that contrasts with the rest of the room painted white. This is super easy to achieve and you can choose the perfect shade of paint depending on the room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.). You could even opt for a wallpaper to combine the contrast of both colors and design. Rather than a section of wall, it is also possible to paint only the plinths, a base, a door or a half-height wall. In addition to giving character, this trick will allow you to structure the space and enlarge a piece. You can also accessories your interior with a design object, a vintage piece of furniture or a wall poster to give your room a sense of identity

Invite greenery in your interior

Like a beautiful decorative object or pretty cushions, houseplants add style to a room. So always remember to slip a green touch into your home. Dried flowers are the perfect no-maintenance options, but there are also many species of green plants that are very easy to care for. Robust plants like this flourish perfectly in an interior and make it pleasant to live in.

Take care of the lighting

Suspended lighting, floor lamps, table lamps – multiply the sources of light in your home to help create a warm atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to have a naturally bright home, capitalize on this strong point by optimizing the bright areas. Use light-colored walls and place mirrors in strategic places to maximize this lighting. To increase the brightness of a room or to light up a dark room, installing a workshop canopy is a great tip. This type of glass partition is very trendy and makes it possible to light up spaces while allowing daylight to pass through.

Provide storage space

To provide a quality-of-service worthy of hotel professionals, plan a dedicated luggage area. You should also provide your Guests with furniture so that they can store their personal belongings. Travelers will appreciate this attention to detail and the quality hotel feel.
Published on January 8, 2021

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