Presentation of La Fédération Hôtes de France

We met with Angelina, the President of La Fédération Hôtes de France and asked her a few questions to help you better understand the purpose of such an organization.

Published on June 25, 2021

Angelina, thank you for accepting to answer our questions. We would like to know more about La Fédération Hôtes de France, can you introduce it to us?

It is a non-profit organization, whose goal is to gather all the hosts of the hexagon to give them a voice in the public space. Legal status was essential to be heard by institutions. And above all, the federation is 100% inclusive.

How is it structured?

In a democratic way. We wanted each host profile to have a fair say. Therefore, the different profiles have their own college, represented by an elected host. Every two years, the presidency changes to a new college. We currently have 4 colleges: private host renting a whole house, host renting a room(s), professional host and concierge. Nothing is set in stone. As the federation evolves, other colleges will be added. The goal is to allow each profile to find its voice in relation to its specificities and issues.

Why set up a federation?

At present, there is no organization with legal status to bring together all the hosts able to take part in national debates and capable of having an involvement at the European level or even to sit at the table of the World Tourism Organization. At present, everyone is doing their bit, but in their own corner and in a disorganized way. However, if we want to act at the national level, we need to federate in order to give scale to local actions. This also makes it possible to capitalize on local actions to give them national visibility.

Is the federation attached to AirBnb or another major player in short-term rental?

Absolutely not. We are not attached to Airbnb, or any other platform, or any other player in the short-term rental industry. La Fédération Hôtes de France is totally independent! It was made by hosts, for hosts.

How is the federation funded?

Management costs are covered by membership fees. We also respond to calls for projects in line with the values shared by the community. The actions of local hosts can also be included in our budgets.

What is the latest news? What are the next steps to take?

The federation is still young, less than a year old. However, we have already seen a desire to partner with several tourist offices and local institutions to create a synergy around a more responsible and sustainable tourism. Moreover, we are also setting up partnerships with French companies. In particular with you, the Yaago team, a real actor of a more community and local tourism. The last great news is the enthusiasm with which the ministerial team of Emmanuelle Wargon received our desire to participate in the elaboration of the roadmap of the meublés de tourisme. She is delighted that for the first time the hosts have a voice in national debates concerning them.

What can we wish you?

To become an organization of public utility to be associated with all the debates and actions in order to become an essential partner in the debates of tourism in France. To succeed in making the voice of French hosts heard at the national and local levels in the future major projects that concern us!

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Published on June 25, 2021

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