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As a user of the Channel Manager Smily, discover the benefits for your guests and your teams of using Yaago together with your PMS

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There are many benefits of using Yaago with Smily to save time and improve your guests experience.

Benefits for you and your teams on a daily basis. But above all an improved Guest’s experience thanks to a smooth traveler journey that allows your customers to always have the right information at the right time for an unforgettable stay.

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As soon as a booking is created in your Smily account, a personalized guest digital booklet is created in Yaago and shared with the guest at the right time before their check-in

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Automatically generate and assign daily tasks to be performed on your properties and allow your stakeholders to access them through the Yaago Teams mobile app

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For each new booking on a property equipped with Nuki products, allow your guests to open the door of the building or apartment, in 1 click from their Yaago digital booklet

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Unique Keybox and other Igloohome products autorizations will be generated and shared with your guests, in their Yaago digital booklet

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Automatically collect check-in informations from your guests few days before their arrival thanks to our smooth pre check-in flow

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Activate Check-In Online feature and start collecting your guests identity documents and ask them to sign your general conditions or house rules electronically

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Sync & follow the payment status of your Swikly security deposits and only share sensitive information about your accommodations with up-to-date guests

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Increase the comfort of your guests (and your income) by offering them additional services before and during their stay, right from their Yaago guest area.

Guest satisfaction,
Operational efficiency,

Additional Income,


Starting from 20/month

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