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Whether if it’s for professional use or personal use, the success of your accommodation is
based on the unique experience you offer to your travelers.

Give your Guests an all-in-one service with Yaago

Yaago helps Property Managers and Hosts deliver a 5-star service to their Guests.

Yaago, your Business Partner

Your new customized working tool

Keep Guests in your brand universe with personalized welcome booklets and set up your accommodation information.

Prepare your digital guides (photos, videos, documents, descriptions), share the rules of your accommodations, your favorite addresses on an interactive map, invite your teammates, your collaborators and even property owners with appropriate roles for each one.

Order your QR-Code keyrings with your branding!

Optimize your internal management

Task management, teamwork

Set up and customize your automatic messages, assign tasks to your teams for each of your reservations, centralize your calendars, set up a simple online check-in process, automate the deposit and generate the codes for your smartlocks accordingly…

With Yaago you can also centralize the communication with your travelers by direct chat, sms and/or WhatsApp.
Mobile application (iOS/Android) dedicated to your exchanges with your teams, task planning, internal multimedia chat (Premium Package only).

Guest Experience

Create your welcome booklets

Ask your Guests to do their online check-in, an online inventory and share with them your interactive digital welcome booklet gathering all your information, the arrival time, the online deposit, the PIN code for autonomous arrivals, to the remote opening of the common spaces…

Your Guests will also be able to see your favorite addresses, your digital guides with photos and videos, the hygiene measures you take, Yaago translates everything into their language for you.

And for an end-to-end customer experience, your guests can also communicate with you directly from the booklet and you will be automatically notified.

Why choose Yaago?

The same Team than yours

Because we are first and foremost hosts, we understand your problems and we are building Yaago by staying connected to the reality of the market.

Active users

Because “alone we go faster, together we go further”, we believe in the power of building together.

Made in France Premium Service

A 5-star Made in France platform and service, with the ambition to revolutionize the vacation rental market.


Integrated Partners

Manage your favorite services directly from Yaago to centralize your business in one place with our integrated partners:

– PMS: Smily, Beds24, Smoobu,
 Swikly: manage your deposits online,
 Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys: smartlocks and keyboxes to easily organize your arrivals and departures,
 Mînut: noise, temperature and presence monitoring thanks to a small smart device

Guest Experience

Digitalize without dehumanizing the customer relationship

Automatically share the right information, at the right time, with each Guests.

Make sure everything is under control while you’re away! Invite your teammates to share information about greeting your guests and ensure 5-star service.

Internal Organization

Automated communication with your team

Your teammates will always be informed of their assigned tasks, thanks to automatic messages.

Define what information and when to share it with your entire team.

Roles Management 

Advanced access control

Define permissions for a group of people or each person individually. 

Everyone will have access to the right information on the appropriate accommodations. Your owners will also have access to track activity and stays you will manage for them.

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