Welcome booklet: everything you need to know about this short-term rental essentials

A well-designed Airbnb welcome booklet greatly enhances the guest experience.

6 Feb 2023

This user would like a translation in English of the following text: This house manual is an essential element to implement in an accommodation. All owners or property management companies who wish to provide an optimal traveler experience to their visitors know the importance of creating a proper seasonal rental welcome booklet. Originally available on simple paper support, notably in the Gîtes de France bed and breakfasts, industry professionals have been able to evolve this guide to the perfect stay to make it even more comprehensive. In addition, all modern digital means allow all those who enjoy the accommodation to consult it much more easily and quickly. Here is a complete tour of the questions you have about this tool that facilitates both the lives of tenants and managers.

1. What is a welcome booklet for seasonal rentals?

Historically provided upon arrival at the traveler’s destination, it is a document that gathers everything there is to know about life on site. They can find all the information and resources they need regarding the furnished accommodation where they are staying, as well as about the local life and points of interest. This should provide them with all the answers to the questions they may have during their visit to your place. This can range from how to use the oven to the address of the nearby restaurant with the best value for money, for example. In short, it is a kind of manual that simplifies the lives of occupants to the maximum, who can sometimes be a little lost or stressed when discovering an unknown place.

2. What’s the point?

Firstly, the booklet serves to welcome newcomers. As they say, first impressions often last. If they feel welcomed properly right from the start, it will only reassure them about the rest of their stay. Secondly, rather than being a set of rules to follow (although, as we will see below, it is good to specify a few), this collection should give the impression, throughout its different sections, that you have thought of every detail to make the lives of the people who have chosen your apartment or house as pleasant as possible. This is a great proof of your professionalism in the short-term rental industry.

💡 Tip: do not hesitate to customize your booklet as much as possible according to the type of tenants

accueil location saisonnière

3. What are the benefits?

For travelers:

  • Feeling of enjoying a personalized welcome, almost friendly hospitality.
  • Anticipation of any problem or difficulty they may encounter during their stay.
  • Obtaining the contact details of a dedicated contact person, capable of answering all their questions.
  • Being able to consult all kinds of advice and recommendations, saves them from getting lost in internet searches or queuing at a tourist office.

For the manager:

  • The main advantage is time-saving, especially if you are in charge of several properties. If the booklet contains all the help that tenants may need during their stay, then you will avoid a lot of emails, texts, and other phone calls that can be quite time-consuming.
  • In addition, by feeling taken care of without having to ask, they will be grateful to you and leave enthusiastic comments.

💡 Tip: You can put tutorialless videos for the use of each household appliance. Another considerable time saver for everyone.

4. What does a welcome booklet look like for a seasonal rental?

There are plenty of examples of welcome booklets that you can use as inspiration to create your own. However, it must contain a certain number of almost indispensable pages. Among them:

  • A cover page displaying a title, a nice picture of the property, and the words “welcome booklet” (or manual).
  • A personalized welcome message in which you introduce yourself and provide a brief history of the place.
  • A practical sheet with all the phone numbers, codes, passwords, and other information they may need.
  • A table of contents to make reading much easier.
  • A summary of the arrival and departure conditions (times, key handover and return, among others).
  • All information about living in the accommodation, such as how to use the equipment, the waste management policy, or any small peculiarities to pay attention to.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is still good to remind guests of the rules to follow in the accommodation (noise, smoking, pets, for example), to avoid any misunderstanding with the neighbors, in particular.
  • Finally, a page listing all the good addresses, tips, and various points of interest around the rental.

This is essentially what you need to include in your guide. To learn more, come and discover in more detail what a good Airbnb welcome booklet model contains.

5. How to create it?

Two options are available to create an attractive welcome booklet.

Paper format


You absolutely have to pay attention to the appearance to make travelers want to open it and get absorbed in it. Try to give it the most polished look possible:

A book-style cover. A handwritten introduction (it makes an impact). Excellent quality photos.

People must feel that your property and its region are worth the time you spent on this work.

Digital format

Faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly, it has been popular for a few years now:

You can create a booklet in the style of the paper version and send it as a pdf (by email or via a URL). Applications like Yaago allow you to share all the information about the rental with the traveler, who can find everything on their dedicated space. The interactive side of this process greatly improves the traveler’s experience. Inventory or not. Complete cleaning or only emptying trash cans and refrigerator.

Digital is also very practical for making updates to the booklet in real-time (e.g., how to operate a new device).




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As you can see, any successful stay begins with a welcome booklet in seasonal rental in due form.

6 Feb 2023

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