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Tailor-made support with concierge software or how to revolutionize the experience of its travelers by optimizing the operational management of its activity. Become a more serene manager with Yaago!

Publié le 23 Mar 2023

Yaago is a French platform that aims to revolutionize the seasonal rental market through ultra-performing digital tools. The goal of these tools? To help all short-term rental professionals, whether it be seasonal rental agencies or concierge services, improve their customer relations and rental process for increased productivity, time savings, and greater comfort.

Yaago is the perfect complement to any PMS / Channel Manager (compatible with Yaago), and if your concierge service is a partner of the Airbnb Luckey program, you can synchronize and manage all of your operational activities from a control center using our application (and benefit from a special discount). Our concierge software covers all the daily needs of a manager. We detail below all the advantages of dedicated software for seasonal rentals.


1. Create your interactive digital welcome booklet

Automate and personalize your welcome booklet

One of the first things to think about after renting a property is to ensure that travelers have all the necessary information for a smooth stay, to avoid repetitive and time-consuming questions. Extremely easy to use, Yaago allows the creation of a personalized welcome booklet (for each stay), in which you can share all the information related to the rental of your accommodations. You can then choose with whom to share this information. On this booklet, you can include, among other things:

  • Digital guides (geolocation, photos, videos of presentation and/or 3D tour, documents, descriptions, …);
  • House rules and manuals;
  • Your recommendations and good addresses on an interactive map;
  • An automatic translation to offer your content in the language of your travelers (but you can also use your own translations);
  • A direct communication space with your clients and the possibility to receive a notification for each message received, to maintain an optimal responsiveness rate.

This is just a glimpse of the features and possibilities included in the Yaago digital welcome booklet, as you will have noticed that we go much further than just a welcome booklet.

2. Secure and advanced access management

Our software also allows you to streamline logistics, such as the guest journey, and gain even more productivity and time, with features such as:

  • Pre-check-in, including the collection of your guests’ arrival time, as well as their personal information and/or specific requests, etc.
  • Online check-in, to secure each stay by requesting security information from guests (ID, signature of rental contract, etc.) as well as the online deposit with Swikly (which allows the creation of a bank imprint or a payment link for each stay, outside of Airbnb).
  • Establishment of the inventory of fixtures at check-in and check-out, with photos and videos and a joint inventory of fixtures made by the tenants.
  • Self-check-in codes, up to remote opening of common areas, with connected locks and key boxes (Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys).
  • Sending notifications to guests in case of noise disturbances with Mînut.
  • Customization of the digital welcome booklet with the purchase of a Yaago QR-Code keychain (with your brand design!).

And other features to discover.

logiciel pour conciergerie yaago

3. Automated communication, with everyone and for everyone

Communication management

Communication becomes easy and fluid because you can set up and personalize your automatic messages to travelers, as well as choose the channel of conversation with them: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chat.

Regarding communication with your stakeholders, you will be able to define permissions for a group of people or an individual, and even involve owners by providing them with owner access to track the stays of travelers that you manage for them. It is also possible to centralize communication with your travelers through private chat.

As you can see, Yaago becomes the ideal tool for team collaboration.


Concierge software that centralizes everything

Forget about evenings spent planning everyone’s tasks on Google Calendar or an Excel spreadsheet. With Yaago, you can automatically and manually assign tasks to the right people for all your operational management. No more misunderstandings or forgetfulness since everyone has access to the information that concerns them (directly on their smartphone with the Yaago Teams app). Your teammates are always informed of their assigned tasks thanks to automated messages shared at the appropriate time with your entire team (or not), the task schedule, or the internal chat. You can thus centralize your schedules, organize and manage everything accordingly through the configuration of your Airbnb/Booking.com connections with Yaago, as well as through our integrated PMS partners (Smily, Beds24, Smoobu, Eviivo, SPI).

As you can see, Yaago positions itself as a true software for your concierge service, offering you a comprehensive set of features covering all your daily needs.

With Yaago, you can benefit from training sessions as well as access to the Yaago Club, with exclusive content. Haven’t decided yet? Come discover and explore our packages in detail with our offer of 15 days free trial.

23 Mar 2023

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