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Surround yourself with trusted partners – the key to success for your short-term rental

Published on January 8, 2021
Maintaining your vacation rental at a 5-star level for your guests can quickly become time-consuming. From handing over the keys to cleaning, managing reservations and providing guided tours of the accommodation, each step takes time and commitment.

Creating a trustworthy team of people to help you with these tasks could be the answer to keeping your Guests fully satisfied. Yaago provides you with a platform to manage your staff who help you manage your property. Also, in 2021, Yaago will open up a Marketplace to bring together different service providers to help support you and your Guests. This network will guarantee a top-quality service for you and an unforgettable experience for your travellers.

Ensure a high-quality welcome

It goes without saying that welcoming your Guests is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. With Yaago, you are able to discuss terms with your guests beforehand and send them apractical guide providing them with all instructions they need about yourProperty. It’s not always easy to make yourself available on D-day, especially if you live far away, so if you are unable to be there at check-in, you can work with teammates who will be able to welcome your Guests and carry out the check-in procedures on your behalf. Based on the instructions that you have created with Yaago, they will be able to give your Guests a tour of the property, answer their questions and give them the keys before wishing them an excellent stay with you.

Maintaining your Property

The cleanliness of the rented accommodation is essential in the eyes of Travellers, especially in the current climate. Now more than ever, a perfectly maintained property is essential. However, cleaning rented accommodation is quite different from cleaning your own home. Guests have very high exceptions on cleanliness – they want hotel-quality cleaning. Linen management is also important – you must be able to provide crisp and sufficient sheets and towels. It can be difficult to manage the logistics of professionally cleaning a property, sousing a qualified professional will save you time and, more importantly, meet the demands of your Guests.

Offer additional services

To offer your Guests a 5-star experience, what could be better than offering them additional services? Whether it is a transport service for facilitating arrivals and departures, a delivery service, or the organization of guided tours, these additional offers will allow you to meet and even exceed the expectations of yourTravellers. These extras will help make theGuests’Experienceunforgettable.
Published on January 8, 2021

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